Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dancing to your inner tune...

Leadership is a heavily loaded word, for people who aspire to be one it is a nightmare and near confusion. Frankly, I have been there and aspire to be one myself. Your Boss and your boss's boss will tell you what leadership is, as a matter of fact leadership isn't  a standard recipe on book.

If you mimic the leadership lessons from people around you, you will die trying to be a great leader. Look back on the good and the bad leaders you have travelled with in your professional journey. They would remind you of one common thing, they are unique in their own ways...

Stop dancing for someone else tune !

          "Leadership" == "Dancing to your inner tune"...

You are the only tuner that can pick this channel ("I"), so listen in.

Listen into the true rhythm and style of doing things, leadership is spontaneity, originality and being yourself no matter what the situation is.

One last thing, 
Good leaders would always encourage, let others to listen into their own tune of inner self... 

Remember, "Without music life is a total mistake"...

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Is Time Management a social responsibility ?

In my experience,
  1. On average 5 -7 min is the wait time in a conference call before all participants joins.
    • Assume 2 such calls ~14 min of your productive hours.
  2. On average 7-10 min is the wait time in a meeting room for all participants to show up.
    • Assume 2 such meetings ~20 min of your productive hours.
  3. How many times people don't accept or decline a meeting request, making you to prepare, show up and cancel for not having the right people in the room ?
  4. If Above all is true possibility, What's the guarantee people come prepared for a meeting ? No wonder why many meeting are non-productive. Sometimes context setting takes the whole meeting by itself.

It might look like an exaggeration, observe how much time of yours is wasted every day by someone else.

" If time management is my self discipline, How does someone else get to influence it so much ? "

People tend to forget the fact your time management and disciple has an impact on your entire team. 

In few workplaces, these bad practices are accepted as way of life, "it's ok", "it's always like this", "amen"...

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Dynamic Service enablement - A Road less traveled...

API Gateway solutions have solved significant portion of the puzzle for a seamless integration between enterprises, developers & devices. Still enterprises spends huge amount of time and money in developing services that API gateways helps to quickly enable them.
Some of the question I asked myself and I encourage you to ask yourself ...
1. Why does building service takes more time ?
2. Isn't it a subset or a super set of a data model / record set ?

A Road less traveled...
1. Dynamically building services in a configuration driven manner.
2. In an era of schema-less database(few years back people thought it's foolish to even say these words), I am talking about a schema-less service development.
3. Traditionally reporting tools have done this even with relational constraint of RDBS, why can't this be possible in a schema-less world ?

My thought process is, a service have only 2 objectives
1. Read data (from one or more data structure)
2. Write data (from one or more data structure)

If above is true, all I am talking about is a cool way to map services to one or more tables(record set) and Vice verse. No rocket science isn't it ?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Brand you 50 by Tom Peters...

Very interesting book, just started skimming through it. Felt very refreshing with the much needed perspective change about me as a person, as a brand. 

Pictures from NASA AMES Open house...

Happen to stumble upon these historic monuments, milestones of technology evolution and a connection to what we are today.

While they lost their shine, Felt very good to see them for real, "Please do Touch" was the board next to them :),

IBM Punch Card

Apple II




And the others...



Dial Phone

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Internet of Things....

It's been a while I posted anything, I am kind of following closely on IoT hardware and software platforms for sometime now. This post is a primer to the up coming post...

For people who are wondering, whats this buzz word is all about ?

Kevin Ashton coined the term Internet of Things in 1990.

By definition

"The Internet of Things (IoT) is the interconnection of uniquely identifiable embedded computing devices within the existing Internet infrastructure." 

Imagine a world all devices around you can talk to each other, 
  1. A refrigerator ordering to Amazon fresh.
  2. A dresser letting you the type of clothes to wear based on the trend in an industry of work.
  3. A washer order it's supplies automatically when it is over.
  4. Security systems, home automation and so on so forth.
You may be wondering wasn't this already possible in some ways ?

Yes, even today it's possible but the M2M (Machine to Machine) integrations isn't standardized and only big players were able to accomplish with lot of R&D efforts. Think of your refrigerator, your dresser, your TV having an IP Address and exposing services ? That would be one hell of a world to be in :) 

Why Iot after 50+ years of Internet existence ?
  1. IPV4 limitation is over come by IPV6.
  2. Cost of Sensors has gone down significantly.
  3. Cost of Bandwidth has reduced drastically
  4. Cost of processing is also down.
  5. Ability to process Big data set
  6. Usage of smart phones.
  7. Easy Wifi access and affordability

 IoT Hardware Platforms ?

Some of the IoT Hardware Platforms I am following closely, Arduino for example is an open source hardware and software platform. Raspberry pi pretty cool open source project started as an education kit. I have played around with both the devices & their software, Yet to try the other Hardware platforms...

 IoT Software Platforms/Integrators ?

Below are some of the software platforms I am following closely. Some of them are pure software platforms, some are cloud API providers for your IoT devices and sensors, Some go all the way deployment, connectivity, data ingestion. storage and Big data analytic.


I haven't tried any of the above software platforms, will write more on my understanding as I get to play with them.

Bye for now until my next post....