Thursday, May 28, 2015

Travel to yellowstone, a unique encounter...

If you are looking for a technology encounter you should skip this post, If you are interested in travel you still have some hopes :). After few years of talking, reading and watching documentaries on  yellowstone national park it finally happened this long weekend (may 25th).

Wow ! the experience was mind blowing, No short of expectation.

Grand Prismatic 

1. Wild life encounters (Bisons, bears, deers) all around the park
2. Volcanic craters, vents all over
3.  Just to push to the edge, interesting facts about the thermopile bacteria.

Bison Encounter (Yellow stone)

It didn't stop there, visited monument valley, arches national park and just missed Grand Teton (since the route was blocked from yellow stone, due to some bridge construction as I was told). Literally drove 2000 miles in 5 days, feeling tired by just saying it.

Monument Valley, UT

Be prepared to hike to see delicate arches & the landscape arches, both are must see attraction take sufficient water you will be just fine. Btw, don't forget your camera ...

Delicate Arches (Arches National park)


Flew from San jose to Salt lake city, short flight saved quite a bit of time and effort to drive locally around. Covered Yellowstone in 2 days, monument valley for a day and approx. 1-2 days in arches. Being said that each of these parks needs a dedicated visit of 2 - 3 days each, these are fascinating park as you drive around the parks you will discover more and more interesting vista points and hike trails. Wish I had more time, sometime you need to be happy with what you got. Yes I got good pictures, check it out - or (Facebook page)

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