Saturday, November 01, 2014

Dynamic Service enablement - A Road less traveled...

API Gateway solutions have solved significant portion of the puzzle for a seamless integration between enterprises, developers & devices. Still enterprises spends huge amount of time and money in developing services that API gateways helps to quickly enable them.
Some of the question I asked myself and I encourage you to ask yourself ...
1. Why does building service takes more time ?
2. Isn't it a subset or a super set of a data model / record set ?

A Road less traveled...
1. Dynamically building services in a configuration driven manner.
2. In an era of schema-less database(few years back people thought it's foolish to even say these words), I am talking about a schema-less service development.
3. Traditionally reporting tools have done this even with relational constraint of RDBS, why can't this be possible in a schema-less world ?

My thought process is, a service have only 2 objectives
1. Read data (from one or more data structure)
2. Write data (from one or more data structure)

If above is true, all I am talking about is a cool way to map services to one or more tables(record set) and Vice verse. No rocket science isn't it ?


Deepan Karthik said...

Are you thinking something inline of SlashDB?

Senthil Balakrishnan said...

True, slashdb is interesting thanks for sharing it.