Sunday, July 11, 2010

8 Traits of a Great Leader

One question keeps popping up all the time "What makes a true leader ?". In all my years of experience, i have seen many leaders whom i really admire, worship & imitate (to be frank). I am very sure everyone of us would have such icon, and their influence on each one of our work hence this is "My Version or Belief of a Great leader".

  1. Style Of Leadership: There is no one single recipe to be a great leader, first trait is to be yourself and have a style of your own. Effectiveness of a leadership is directly proportional to the context (environment, industry, nature of work & type of people you handle).
  2. Courage: You step back, your team does the same. As a leader you need to be man enough to speak when you have to. (customer, top management doesn't matter).
  3. Talk less: Show "How to get things done?", rather than lecturing for hours.
  4. Understanding individuals: Every human being is unique and they get motivated for some, and may not for some. You need to understand, better than being a clown.
  5. Panic - Band Wagon: Don't jump in to the panic band wagon when the whole team is already in their. These are times of fight back and thinking rationale and no time for panic.
  6. Innovation: Just like how one goal can bring the spirit back into the team. It's important to keep innovating, this means a lot of positive energy, openness to compete.
  7. Be a real captain: You should be the last person to jump from a wrecking ship, Believe me this means a lot of guts.
  8. Winning Habit: Everybody wants to be on a winning team, winning is a critical factor for further success as a leader. All you can do here is to give yourself a best chance, leave the rest to the fate...


gg said...

Awesome writing about leadership..have read a few books on this topic..this one is really plain and practical :)...good one

Ebenezer Samuel said...

Just awesome, Senthil


Senthil Balakrishnan said...

Thanks guys, appreciate taking time reading it.

MariMuthu Rajagopal said...

real one.
Fact has been written here.

Karthika Sen said...

clear and wonderful thoughts... you can be a good leader ;)

MP said...

U r a good leader .

Shreya said...

interesting insight...liked it :)

Unknown said...

its owesome.its based on practical Knowledge.