Friday, March 12, 2010

Inner cry...

I just realized the professional in me is crying so hard that I could hear, and do nothing about it. I am so angry to myself, to my industry and to my fellow developers for the level of courtesy we show to one another when we write a piece of code.

We Professionals believe and enjoy coding thinking technology as a key driver, forgetting the underlying fact of "
Business". Not sure as Professionals we realize the courtesy to be shown to the fellow developers and the fellow business owners when we write a piece of code.

Why “Writing a code once” or “Doing it right at once” never fits to the developer’s common sense?

Why don't we spend time to understand & appreciate the business complexity?

Why don't we realize the code We write today, is the code we maintain tomorrow?

Why do we spend majority of the project time, doing a design that never gets implemented?

Why do we spend majority of the time writing Unit Test cases, that never works after it leaves the developer’s machine?

Technology has moved faster to match the business needs. As Professionals, have we reached the state of perfection to use it?

Leaving the rest of Why's to the readers perception & understanding....

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