Sunday, March 07, 2010

Code Template Repository

In my Wildest dream today, was wondering on "Why wouldn't it be possible to have a code repository that learns on it's own from various code done in an organization", and to be able to bring up templates for developers to just modify and reuse it.

I feel artificial intelligence could be a rite fit to build repository ("Code Template Repository") that can make developers life easy and apply re-usability to greater heights. This could be very handy for products/domains specific template learning pattern, which would give birth to re-usability from a business stand point.

May be it's too ambitious to say "learn on it's own", could be some manual intervention from developer as to what need to a templated and replaced for reusing it. As I started, it could be a wildest dream but i feel there is a real need of a repository that should store knowledge not just the .jar files :).

Checkout In Dzone


Ilango said...

Good post.


Sarav said...

There are machine learning algos, which may fit for this requriement. if you want i can forward those jars to you man

Senthil Balakrishnan said...

Send me that da.