Friday, January 08, 2010

My Development Environment for Android checklist

Was working on Android early 2009 for a booking engine development for a tech event. Now when i try to setup my dev environment it wasn't easy for me, hence thought of maintaining a checklist for me...
  • Step1: Download your eclipse IDE (Galileo) or use your existing IDE.
  • Step2: Follow the android link section "Installing the ADT Plugin" for eclipse.
  • Step3: Download the SDK and save it in a location.
  • Step4: Unzip the SDK and click on the android-sdk-windows\SDK Setup.exe
  • Step5: You will see a window popup, for some reason it fails saying HTTPS.
  • Step6: Go to settings check the checkbox "force hhtps://.....".
  • Step7: Now you should see list of Android SDK's,
  • Step8: Choose , 1. SDK platform Android 2.0.1, API 6, Revision 1, 2. Android SDK Tools, revision 4,3.Google APIs by Google Inc., Android API 6, revision 1, 4.Documentation if you want.
  • Step9: Accept all, will install the sdk in android-sdk-windows\platforms\android-2.0.1
  • Step10: Go back to eclipse windows -> preferences -> Android -> set your sdk unziped location and save it.
  • Step11: Follow the helloworld tutorial

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