Sunday, January 10, 2010

5 Open soruce tools that comes handy for development

1. Notepad++: It's a lightweight open source text editor in place of editplus/textpad/wordpad etc. I always wanna have it in my machine, for quick editing configuration files etc. for java.

2. Execute Query: Simple & Lightweight SQL editor for java develper, I loved using it.

3. Tortoisesvn: It's an Open source Subversion client to work with your source code repository.

4. Open Office: It's an open source office products such as word, math, power point etc.

5. Eclipse: Universal Open source IDE, no doubt no java developer can live without this.


Ilango said...

Based on the discussion in your blog, I am tempted to try Hudson for continuous builds.
Thanks for your useful tips.

SmarTechSrini said...

Hi Senthil,

I agree :)
But we do have performance problems with Eclipse IDE,
not in the case of NetBeans IDE.

Senthil Balakrishnan said...


You are right, eclipse does slow up a bit but that's because all most all the products in java(wide usage) has an eclipse plug-in. Which makes it heavy, as a developer we should remove unwanted plug-ins, so it can speed up your development work.

Senthil Kumar