Friday, November 20, 2009

Microsoft Mobility...

Quite amazed to see the penetration of Microsoft's mobility solution in the market. Got a chance to work on a Remote device management software, which helps you manage hand-held devices running on windows mobile platform. These devices are very apt for day to day field services for businesses like Retail, Logistics, Travel and Transport etc. And manufacturers ranging from Motorola, Honeywell etc.

The Need for "Android" like Open platform makes lot more sense, as windows seem to be the only major player in Handheld mobility space. But again it depends on how open "Android" is for handlheld devices other than the mobile phones, and adoption from device manufacturer and industries.

I always believed and wanted to see Linux/Other OS being used in PC's over Windows. But going by the fact(OS market share) Linux needs many light years to catch up with windows when it comes to PC User's. Servers are a different ball game.

I am not a fan of Microsoft, but I can't cheat myself any more, they are still market leaders when it comes to end users computation.

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