Saturday, November 21, 2009

Code Instrumentation ?

Code Instrumentation is a process of making your code better accountable for the performance (time taken). Why do you need it ? Because performance of an application is defined by every single routine and layers in your application, hence it's of extreme importance to have pluggable code that can collect statistics for you.

Alternatively one can use profiling tools to do the similar purpose but, they all comes with it's own complexity and too many functionality. All we need is to capture the start and end of the method to see how much a routine takes, profiler's are very useful when u actually figured out the problem and trying to tune it.

I have been working extensively on these instrumentation tools, and built one myself which works on JMX as communication layer for collecting the statistics from the server. Simple and elegant way to find where the issue is :). These instrumentation can be extended to monitoring your application, will write about it in the next blog :)...

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