Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Test Driven Scaffolding: a new agile method

Test Driven Scaffolding : a new agile method, was a hot topic of discussion in theserverside.com last week. Very interesting thinking process by James Perry (software solutions inspired by nature) "code generation from Test cases". James has shown few examples using GWT to build a web based application from a set of testcases. First impression was "WOW' and got curious about the topic itself,

As far as my reasoning goes,
1. Feasibility of the approach of generating full blown source code production quality from a test case itself.
2. Do we have enough test case in first place to cover up every single possible business scenarios (it could become tedious like java script validation etc.).
3. Do we have enough information first place in the test case to come up with a source code. Say, I would have asserted an outcome from a method which could be hitting database, file system etc to get the data.
4. Looks like language like 'prolog' works with this approach, will this fit into java?

Conclusion: If we are advocating for test drive development(TDD), we should definitely have some thing like this which can ease the development process itself and not just be a test case. It is obvious we need more information than the test case itself to generate the code, I am keeping figures crossed to see the progress in this paradigm shift....


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