Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jboss Tips & Tricks.

1.Do you know how to see all the nodes/servers in your cluster in one console ?
After you have start the servers and enabled cluster, go to the following link to manage all the servers in the cluster in once console - http://:8080/jmx-console/cluster/

2.Do you know what HASingleton means ?
If you want a particular business case to be executed once only once across the cluster, if one node picks up the task the other shouldn't be, use HA sinlgeton.

3. How do i load my .war without context path in jboss, like http://localhost:8080?
Delete ROOT.war and deploy your war in that location.

4.What is Farming?
In a cluster you no more have to deploy in each and every node, anything *.war, *.ear dropped in this folder is automatically pushed/deployed in the other nodes in the cluster. How cool it is :)

5.Do you see problem during runtime/hot deployment in jboss?
Use move instead of copy to copy your deployment archival, as copy cheats the deployment scanner and make it read premature and fail the deployment process.

6.How do i deploy my *.war,*.ear file before the deploying another serivice ?
Jboss supports deployment by sort order or explicit ordering to do this all you need to do is enable the commented section deployment scanner in the jboss-service.xml

7.How do you make your web application clustered?
Add in web.xml to make it clustered.

8.How to configure HTTP session replication ?
HTTP Session Replication can be controlled by jboss-service.xml in tomcat SAR's meta-inf.

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