Friday, August 21, 2009

Google Waves~~~

Google has entered into almost everything it's competitor's(Microsoft) are in.
  1. Google Chrome (Browser),
  2. Gmail (Email Engine),
  3. Google OS (OS),
  4. Android (Mobile Platform)
  5. Office tools (Excel, & Docs etc.).
  6. Google App Engine (Cloud Computing)
Microsoft Outlook & Lotus Notes are the most used email tools & smtp servers in the world, no wonder Google is working on a new communication & collaboration platform called Google Waves. Google Waves is a paradigm shift in the way people do communication over emails or instant messengers etc.

In my view Google Waves = Gmail + GTalk + Robots(Tools you can build) + Nice Features packaged together to ease most of the communication disabilities.
key Features,
1.Real Time Collaboration
2.Natural language Tools
3.Extending Google Waves

I strongly recommend you to watch the waves presentation video to understand it better. Special thanks to Thoughtworks
Geek night for an insightful community event in Chennai on Google App Engine and Google waves.


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