Thursday, December 06, 2007

Spring Remoting

Confused on how to make your methods distributed? Worried on the services your container generates when you make your methods distributed? Spring remoting could be your best bet.

Spring remoting substitutes the need for an EJB component (session bean), by just using java beans and providing it the dual capability of operating in a local and distributed environment with Spring IOC configuration.

With simple configuration of the spring bean factory xml you can change the protocol for distribution of you methods. This comes with support for,

  1. Rmi
  2. Http
  3. Hessian & Burlap - Hessian is a small protocol, J2ME devices like cell-phones can use it to connect to Resin servers

Burlap & Hessain are light weight protocols from caucho. Use the reference ling to know more.



Sarav said...

Looks heavy it is?
Compare to seesion bean, I can switch toSpring becas it may not require the container stuffs.

is this arichtecture is same as .Net Remoting?

Senthil Balakrishnan said...

Spring Remoting is very powerful and you may want to move to it. Not sure about the .Net Remoting either.